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Get what you want, when you want it, with high-touch customer care

Let G2Planet service take you there. Listen as our CEO Mark Granovsky explains how our white glove, boutique approach to service is enabling corporations to no longer be restricted by inflexible event production software.

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Here’s How We Put On the White Gloves: 

EFFORTLESS MIGRATION Moving work to our platform will be effortless. Particular attention will be paid to harvesting your current event configuration then optimizing it for the next stage of performance. Consider it a high-tech housecleaning and organizing session.

SEAMLESS IMPLEMENTATION  We rigorously follow ‘best practices’ when implementing and adapting our platform across methodologies, tools and communications. This includes API-based integrations with your internal IT and/or ERP, all personalized to your event.

SMOOTHER “GO-LIVE” The last thing you want from a “Go Live” is a surprise. This is why we remain obsessively focused on end-to-end QA, launch strategies pertaining to attendee engagement, and heightened monitoring activities after launch.

SUPERIOR SUPPORT  In an online only world, clients consider us a lifeline. Our help-desk practices including 24/7 on-call availability, real-time response management, real-time communication updates, and our pursuit to continuously improve towards totally flawless execution.

ON-SITE SERVICES  Our support continues with technical staff we send on-site to oversee check-in, badge production, digital signage, session scanning, attendee tracking, lead retrieval, systems integrations and whatever you require for a world-class event experience.