The Sharper Image had an image problem in Manhattan. Too much geek, not enough chic. Till we found the freaks to fix things.

ABdigital has worked with The Sharper Image in Manhattan to help them change their image as a gadget store for geeks to something a bit more chic. This campaign taps into a commonly shared zeitgeist in New York that the City has become a bit too Disneyfied, despite DeBlasio.

We have focused on the “freaks” that lend color and grit to the city. This is an image of Amanda LePore, “The Man Made Woman” and muse of photographer David LaChapelle pictured beside (and in some shots astride) a Sharper Image air cleaner.

We have already enjoyed substantial coverage in Paper Magazine and above-the-fold press in the marketing section of The New York Times and “Freak Show” party in Sharper Image SoHo. Whoopi Goldberg, Michael Moore and a older but still alive Boy George joined us.

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