Artificial Advertising has changed work forever. These truths are transforming your future as we write this:

  • ChatGPT 6 writes all kinds of copy and basically does away with homework and basic research on a client.
  • 4 main AI generators are used to create photos, videos, illustrations and images: DALL-E2, Midjourney, Simplified and Stable Diffusion.
  • The same AI image generators depicted above are being used to hone brand voice and aesthetics. (FYI: Creating mood boards and basic brand guidelines.) Humans still needed here. 
  • The same AI image generators can produce good enough visual content at scale like social media posts, social ads, infographics, web site banners and even 3D videos
  • Long-form content like blog posts, newsletters and whitepapers should not be done by humans. In other words, “content,” the stuff fed into the Mollochian search robots, is freaking dead.

If you are not following these “new rules” above you are not servicing your clients effectively. We just came across a company, for example, that hired a human to write newsletters and whitepapers on topics that can be handled 100% more accurately and efficiently by ChatGPT. The truth will not set them free here. We worry about companies like this.

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