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G2 Planet

The story of a start up twenty years in the making. From first screens to the final steps on stage.


An event experience for company behind “Go-To-Meeting.” Fall 2019. All photos: ABdigital

G2Planet was formed to create maps and schedules for PCs and hand-held devices. 

Pundits once euphemistically called this the “pedestrian” side of the PC business. If only they could see the glamorous trade show leviathan that G2Planet has become. From humble beginnings, this scrappy Silicon Valley upstart has helped to re-define experiential marketing. Today they include the world’s most impressive brands as clients including Infiniti, Cisco Systems, McAfee and Citrix and ABdigital has been there for the best part of their journey.



What We Developed

ABdigital has helped the company dial up the glamour and excitement behind the world's largest events.

The Mercedes Benz diorama to speed and IMSA racing. LA Auto Show 2020. All photos: ABdigital

A short five years ago before G2Planet, it was still common to design, manage and plan tradeshows by spreadsheets pens and paper. Most incredibly, the use of social media lagged far behind the most social experience in business — or the live tradeshow. In a short five years, the G2Planet platform has allowed clients to execute events at a level off limits to anyone but a major film studio or production facility.

Which, speaking of film, it is analogous in many ways to what has happened with the burgeoning “prosumer” market for independent actors, designers and producers. Where a company would once hire an entire film crew with cameras and month long sets to produce events, today the same experience can be delivered with a few skillfully wielded hand-held cameras and advanced post-production techniques. Technical jargon aside, it means that Hollywood-style production has been placed within reach of clever humans. And the stage looks better than ever. 


What They Advocated

G2Planet was the first company in their industry to show that drama and data are not mutually exclusive but necessary. And fun.

The “Microchip Cookie” Monster at the Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas, 2019. Photo: ABdigital|Sony DSC

Because user experiences today are so dramatic it is easy to overlook the role that data continues to play. It is here however that G2Planet tools are used to help managers, designers and creators keep their focus as the event world moves increasingly online. They also allow companies to essentially reframe and rework old ideas in new ways that leverage the investments they have already made in worldwide commitments. Today G2Planet helps them achieve:

  • measurable goals for the event (along with a plan and technology to track)
  • the vetting of vendors (like ABdigital and others) to create and design user experiences on demand
  • live streaming of keynotes, interactive testing and polling
  • adding drama and movie-like effects to replicate live experiences
  • data collection into full funnel marketing systems like Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo and Eloqua



Undeterred by COVID-19, G2Planet continues to bring a playful quality to events -- especially in the age of social distancing.


Gamification takes on new meaning in the age of distanced events. Online 2020. All photos: ABdigital.

Data aside, imagination remains more important that pure knowledge in the age of COVID-19 and events. Depicted above is a recent installation created entirely in Legos that show the way a certain blue chip brand affects the lives of everyday people. While we cannot share numbers, imagine the money that was saved by filming location reproductions in a basically antiseptic studio over location shooting. Best of all, early signs indicate that audiences never tire of playing with Legos, and that not even COVID can spoil the fun.