Ideal Workplace

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Ideal Workspace Solutions is a new client for ABd. They have quickly tapped our innate sense for commercial interiors to help them craft an inimitable brand story. In doing so, they have generated exceptional buzz and acquired blue chip contracts with Fortune-class companies including, among others, the Minnesota Foundation in early 2024. 

When ABd began working with Ideal, they had some pieces in place. They had revamped their brand ID, redesigned their website, and were going deep on SEO. They had some press and excellent contacts. They even used AI to generate code for their site and had fashioned a solid corporate story. Large commercial contracts still remained elusive.


ABd placed their work into the context of diversity, equity and inclusion, using furnishings, fabrics and interior design to tell a new brand story. We described how see-through curtains, colorful benches and other minute details make the modern workspace more functional, comfortable, and diverse. 

A few months after the new work debuted, the facilities managers within large companies began to share this creative messaging with their higher ups. While corporate muckety mucks don’t typically query facilities managers to determine who should design their workspaces, here these operational engineers were sharing a story that was irrepressible. 

Since the work debuted, they have opened doors with major Fortune-class businesses and other organizations throughout the Upper Midwest. They have also doubled down on their design foundations and actively implemented elements of Afrofuturism in ongoing brand materials and throughout their new corporate showroom in the North Loop District of Minneapolis. 

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