Sharper Image

New York City, April 11, 2021: ABd has worked with The Sharper Image in Manhattan to help them change their image as a gadget store for geeks to something chicer. This campaign taps into a commonly shared zeitgeist in New York that the city has become a bit Disneyfied.

Our campaign brings back the “freaks” that add grit to the city. This is an image of Amanda LePore, “The Man-Made Woman,” and muse of photographer David LaChapelle communing with an air purifier.

We launched with a “Freak Show” party sponsored by Paper Magazine and a hand-picked list of talents. We have already enjoyed substantial coverage in Paper Magazine and above-the-fold press in the marketing section of The New York Times.







Creating a campaign that targets the uptown demimonde is part of a trend towards micro-targeting, which the agency does well…

Stuart Elliot, Advertising & Marketing. The New York Times