Kradle My Pet

CBD may be a fad. That is not stopping companies from finding applications for this wonder drug. It’s use as a calming and comfort agent for pets is beginning to get real traction. 

We were recently hired to help Kradle MyPet grab a piece of this multi-billion dollar market with a campaign targeted at “Pet Parents” seeking relief for a family member’s anxiety.

From Angst to Advocacy

Most companies in this market position CBD as a “non-narcotic” remedy. Pet Parents, however, are not seeking out CBD; they just want to rekindle a lost bond. Our campaign focused on restoring peace and calm between pet and parent. 

Shortly after launch, Kradle attracted the attention of Ellen DeGeneres (see below in a product announcement) and she eventually became an investor in the brand.

Today you can find their product in every major retail chain in the country, from Target to Walmart and every upscale pet store in-between. While the advertising had bite, the brand advocacy of DeGeneres spoke volumes.