Next Steps

Artificial Advertising is real. ABd is walking the walk by taking the following steps in our work. 

Because ChatGPT 6 writes all kinds of copy and does basic research on a client, we promise to never regurgitate what is already known. Not that we did before, but still. 

4 main AI generators are used to create photos, videos, illustrations and images: DALL-E2, Midjourney, Simplified and Stable Diffusion. These tools can also be used to hone brand voice and aesthetics ocassionally.

GenerativeAI can produce good enough visual content at scale like social media posts, infographics, site banners and explainer videos, as well. 

All of this means that producing basic posts, whitepapers and newsletters is a task for AI. We promise to nourish advocates with pure evergreen content only and stuff the page spyders like a goose with the rest. 

On a separate note, we will continue to take and edit photos for our clients. Please enjoy this brief selection of “futuristic” shots from Citrix 2022.