Constellation Barton

Our work for Wide-Eye Spirits Constellation Brands subsidiary Barton, has generated its share of buzz. While caffeinated schnapps may not appeal to the average National Public Radio listener, their sons and daughters have a huge appetite for cold shots with a kick. Ever since Red Bull was added to an ice-cold shot of Jaegermeister and the “Jag Bomb” was born, competitors have, no pun intended, exploded.



“Big Hair” spots have been designed to create a certain cultish following around Wide Eye. With a spokesmodel that serves as a cross between a supermodel, gym rat and dominatrix adorned with custom made bling, the Wide Eye Woman has become a popular clubber meme. We had a slightly different approach going in but had to change it from showing wake up call videos (for legal reasons) to this purposefully over produced siren who says really weird things. 

Drinking something as “cold as your soul” seems to be working. While some media have denounced the work, Wide Eye has, in fact, vaulted to third place behind Jaegermeister and Grey Goose in bar sales in 9 DMAs. ABdigital has designed all elements of this campaign from the logo and package design to broadcast, digital and outdoor. Take your shot.

The most demented product introduction of the year

Lynn Rosetto Kasper, The Splendid Table, American Public Media