American Swedish Institute

ABd was hired by the American Swedish Institute to re-position the brand as younger and hipper for its 90th Anniversary.

We responded with a campaign called “Extraordinary. The ASI At Play.” which was supported an exhibit which showcased the extraordinary “zeitgeist” of the Swedes — quirky, uncommon and, well, cool. 

Our campaign was anchored by a social media sensation we called “The Extra Short Film Festival.” 

The Extra Short Film Festival





Run over Facebook, Instagram, and limited OTT each spot contrasted ordinary activities, people, and things with the extraordinary touch of the Swedes. 

The response to our extended campaign rekindled the inner child of tens of thousands of followers across the US and Scandinavia in throughout 2020-2021 and helped to assure a sell-out experience when it opened.

Proposed promotional items included a weekly copy of “Extra/Ordinary Times” which paid homage to the newspaper roots of Sven Turnblad, who built the gothic mansion in the late 1800s, and some extraordinary schwag.

Read more about this Heritage campaign on the ABlog. 

Creative Contributors::
Chris Birt, Shelby Rongholdt
Location: :
Minneapolis, MN