Every brand has a story, but not every story has advocates. ABdigital builds brands that people talk about and stories that people share. 

Brand Adovcacy

Since 1998, we have produced, monitored and measured over $50 million in earned media (free buzz) for clients. 25 years of buzz that brands.  

From Artful to Artificial

Brand Advocacy has always been done artfully by ABdigital. Today we add the artificial element to speed up time to awareness for your brand.

Most creative firms can talk right around the client, building buzz phrases and hackneyed approaches that make getting a creative consult slightly less fun that dental work. ABd is different.

Matt Kramer, Commissioner of Commerce, State of Minnesota

Chris is an incredibly savvy and creative marketer and extremely passionate about the work. And even better -- he's funny.

Rich Goldsmith, Director of Digital and Social Media, Mike's Hard Lemonade

Their ideas are always unique, and they have a high level of energy that continues to move projects forward and exceed timelines.

Rhonda Graybow, Vice President, CIGNA Pharmacy Benefits

We drive success for these blue chip and “new chip” brands. 

Chris Birt and
"Awareness Without Advertising"

In late 2019, Chris Birt wrote a book about generating brand awareness without paying Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Google for the privliege. It zoomed to #2 on Amazon in 2020 and again in 2021. Since that time, hundreds of companies big and small have used its core principles to market smarter. We've made a edited version of first edition available for free at the link below:

For over 25 years, Associated Brands (AB) has helped emerging and re-emerging brands build awareness through brand advocacy. Today, as a member of the LBL family, we serve clients from our offices in Minneapolis, MN and Denver, CO.