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Because There Are Many Drivers Of Success. 

DEEP is about applying evidence based decision making to event marketing to help forward-looking Event Planners evaluate the rigor of their decision making, and generate new ideas on how they might use technology to improve their event planning process. The event marketing industry, arguably, has been hesitant to embrace 100% data-driven planning due to the high-touch nature of the business. As CMOs demand evidence-based approaches that align with corporate OKRs, data is replacing knowledge of the latest color schemes and consumer trends as the “must have” intelligence for event planning. Cornerstones of the DEEP model include:

  • Platforms vs point solutions
  • Extensibility into the enterprise’s greater marketing stack
  • Breaking down data silos with single points of visibility into cross-enterprise metrics and activities

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Event marketing has proven itself an indispensable part of the marketing mix for automotive manufacturers. G2Planet’s EventAUTO platform makes events meaningful by providing a platform for your team to plan and execute ride & drive programs, experiential activations,  data collection (lead capture) at auto shows, and analytics tools including lift reports and net promoter scores, which integrate seamlessly with your marketing stack, to turn that data into insight.

Financial Services

Compliance is critical in modern finance. Data-driven planning tools from G2Planet are used by financial companies to monitor attendance at Continuing Education and Series 7 sessions to assure things are followed to the letter. Blue chip financial companies also use G2Planet to aggregate data for analyzing challenges in the field—and managing regional branch activities (attending events, hosting events, and sponsoring events) from HQ with greater coordination and efficiency.


Manufacturing clients trust us to capture, analyze and disperse leads from local, national and international shows. G2Planet data is also used at training and certification events that assure compliance with manufacturers’ and accrediting organizations’  programs. These types of events document critical “in person” participation that Online Learning Systems can’t touch. We can even apply strict rules to information that helps companies stratify channel partners by competencies – and design events exclusively for their expertise that can be quickly scaled, automated and followed up on in a personalized way.


Today’s technology companies are creating their own ecosystems, with their own events, that put most rock concerts to shame. G2Planet’s software keeps it all in harmony, so that you never miss a beat. From registration to real-time tracking, from surveys to speaker management, from floor gatherings to gift cards, swag bags, digital signage, session scanning and much, much more.

Data Driven Enterprise Planning can also be applied by event. Click here to learn more.