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Why, despite the science, advocacy remains an art.

Have you ever seen yourself in a picture? Years ago we commissioned this painting to depict focus, clarity and dimension. We still use it to help clients find their core truths amidst the communication chaos of the web

Things appear overwhelming at first. Taming the web is not accomplished by having bigger data, better analytics or fatter media budgets alone. You need advocates that hunger for your message, and feeding them is an art.

We once designed an elegant food and fashion show in a supermarket and hired a Conde’ Nast publicist for promotion. She later told us, “If I’d known how many people would talk about this, I would have charged more.”


What TikTok Tells Us

Traditional social algorithms reward people and pages with large followings. TikTok’s revolutionary algorithm is designed to guide viewers based on “leitmotifs” or content patterns. In other words, its about the message — or more specifically, the metaverse — not the messenger.

The metaverse is common term for the complex pattern of data points, conversations and more that determine how attention is allocated online and offline. Advocacy is marketing to the metaverse.

Today you are not marketing to customers, you are marketing to a metaverse of conversations. Your goal should be to dominate the dialogue.

The above diagram depicts the four cornerstones of the metaverse. To dominate the dialogue a brand needs to completely own at least one of the four cornerstones and let their message expand influence from there. You cannot buy this dominance. The metaverse is mightier than many million dollar ads. This is where and why ABdigital can make a difference.

Supporting Your Advocacy

Supporting advocacy is as important as creating it. Veritus, for example, a successful site in corporate giving. They remain successful by writing a blog, offering video and ample free content. No matter how magical the advocacy, your audience will forget you unless you keep them engaged.

Science matters still

While the metaverse runs on human conversations to an extent, you must still be able to write — and code — for robots. This is where our digital roots can help you lay a strong foundation for advocacy. From the world’s most complex languages to simple code for style sheets, we embed your story with a digital DNA so that the FAANGMs* won’t forget you either.

* Just a few of the “code names” Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google and Microsoft use to communicate your advocacy to the metaverse. We’re fluent.