Customer Journey?

If you’ve made it this far on our site, you might be thinking “I like what they are saying but where is the discussion about the customer journey?“.

ABd creates seamless experiences that allow consumers to engage with your brand anywhere, anytime. This is what we call “informational dominance” and a more accurate description of what a brand needs to accomplish online. This approach requires your agency to: 

  • Develop and execute demand generation, lead management and automated digital marketing programs to drive lead conversion.
  • Manage the performance and effectiveness of all marketing and lead generation campaigns including lead scoring and nurturing.
  • Develop the marketing automation infrastructure, implementing best practices, including guidelines for emails, landing pages, campaigns etc.
  • Be your “sales opportunity catalyst”—forecasting, measuring, analyzing and reporting on the impact of demand creation activities on sales.
  • Oversee database management—segmentation, list acquisition/import, data cleansing, event capture and lead management.
  • Work in conjunction with you on inbound marketing strategies (SEM, SEO, paid social, website management).
  • Manage Google Analytics/Google Tag Manager configuration, tagging and ongoing reporting & analysis.
  • Drive A/B testing with marketing deliverables, analyze the results and give recommendations for best path forward.
  • Work cross-functionally (with Marketing, Product, Sales, IT) to drive more engagement, KPIs, process and general buy-in of programs.


Chris Birt is our Advocate in Chief. He starts every customer journey at ABd. 

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