Lead Your Own Band

After building and selling his second successful advertising and digital marketing firm, Chris Birt worked with a series of international brands to help them fire their traditional agencies and, essentially, “go solo.”

The Marine Retail Association of the Americas, Hemisphere Companies, The American Swedish Institute and Viavi under Birt’s supervision successfully executed multiple campaigns without an agency.

The key to “getting it done” was knowing how to match the most valuable technology with a specific set of creative skills. Birt drew on his work with Sony to help clients grow internal capabilities that rivaled professional videographers & photographers.

While a $1500.00 camera and lens today can do the work of a $150,000.00 camera just a decade ago, most people don’t know which combination of technology and creativity works. ABd can help traditional markets like insurance find a happy medium.

In-House Gallery

Give your in-house group outside talent.

We will build out your in-house capabilities. Contact ABd through our site to explore how blue-chip agency talent can collaborate with your in-house staff. No stepping on toes. Just stepping up to rock out.

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