Chris Birt shifts a regional event onto the national stage.


Healthapalooza is the largest event between the coasts for the health insurance industry, at least that is how I positioned it. Working with an exceptional team, I used motorsport, drawing inspiration from John Frankenheimer’s Grand Prix, Steve McQueen’s LeMans and Claude Lelouch’s infamous Rendezvous to craft a story of speed, chaos and change.


No one wants to attend a live event without crowds. With a large event like Healthapalooza, therefore, the pre-show marketing matters even more than the event itself.  Accelerate ’22 was a labor of passion for me and my team because insurance marketing needs to be more exciting than a minivan to move consumers.


6-second spots were created for omnichannel media buys across the Midwest. Extensive video was also used to enhance emails and additional pre-show marketing to help increase brand engagement sevenfold over the prior year. 

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Hollywood for Health Care

My goal was to break stereotypes about health care and the Midwest. This retrospective video (produced by Maddie Detviler) captures the spirit of the show. It’s an irrefutable fact that the Midwestern United States (and Minnesota in particular) is where the world comes when they get sick. From Sheiks to Rock Stars, Politicians to VIPs, here is where everyone receives the Hollywood treatment for health. 

p.s, Prior re-cap videos had been treated as an afterthought. Just a few more dollars and I could have shot documentary style at the beginning instead of title slides. There is no Director’s Cut. 



The Pace Quickens

While 2022 saw a 21% increase in attendance over the prior year, 2023 is on pace to double attendance (not a typo) for "Home Field Advantage" this year. SEO and content optimization from 2022 have helped drive this extraordinary surge of success.