The Big “Be There” for Caring Bridge

Caring Bridge is one of the largest non-profit sites in the world. This site serves as a kind of Facebook for people who are seriously or terminally ill. ABd has worked with them throughout their growth. One of our most succesful initiaves was an interactive destination called “The Big Be There” which celebrated the 1 billionth visitor to this site.

This particular site was an innovative and interactive page where people would tweet with the hash-tag #bethere to signify someone they would be there for when they needed them. The tweets appeared in real-time on the site — a little like the way Tweets appear on a screen at pro sports games.

The site drove incredible amounts of traffic including over 6 million unique visitors on the first day. Thanks to Chris Thompson and 903 Global for keeping things up and running during the big rush. Still the best test of a server we have encountered.

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