How will advertising agencies find the art in the artificial? Brand Advocacy, say we.  

Years ago, we commissioned this painting to show how brand advocacy moves through focus, clarity and dimension.  Things appear overwhelming at first. Taming the web is not accomplished by having bigger data, better analytics or fatter media budgets alone. You need influencers, editors and opinion makers hungry for your message, and feeding them is an art.

What TikTok Tells Us

The multiverse is a common term for the complex pattern of data points, conversations and more that determine how attention is allocated online and offline. We call it the conversation about the conversation. The modern marketing arts must deliver a message to the multiverse. While AI can help you hone a message, advocates spread it exponentially. 

Today you are not marketing to customers, you are marketing to a muti-faceted conversation. So, dominate the dialogue. Or die off.


Developing a dominating message takes determination. The Terrier depicted above became a canine spokesmodel for Medicare only after numerous dogfights with some "professional" detractors, including Facebook. Today Boston the Medicare Dog pretty much rules his own social multiverse. Fans fawn. Barks buzz. People Buy. 

Supporting Your Message 

People often ask us, once you have generated buzz, how do you keep it going? This is a good question because it gets to the difference between simply generating a buzz around an event, or pulling a big stunt to score media attention, and developing messaging that lasts over time.

To generate buzz that brands you need an idea with legs. The below painting from a Dutch Master was used for KradleMyPet — a brand that sells “where pet and parent meet peace and calm.” The campaign made it easy to support the story. Brand Advocacy, artfully done, is a working art.