Earlier this year we tapped the Mazda IMSA Racing Team to stage a comeback story. 

The world of professional motorsports is like Silicon Valley with more dashing personalities. Mark Zuckerberg is rich, but these guys look much better in a racing suit. Looks aside, the team has had to overcome a number of hurdles in the past year. First the car was slightly overpowered which made it great on dry tracks but very tricky in the wet. Then there was promotion — as in the lack thereof.

Given the level of sponsorships and international exposure for the sport, marketing the car and the drivers pre-season is as critical as what happens on the track. This is where the excitement builds and were expectations are created. The Mazda IMSA Racing Team is currently underway with their new season and the venerable car No. 55. We’ve added some photos from their press launch in Los Angeles and Chicago.

Stay tuned as the story develops with a first time win at Lime Rock and a 6th place finish at the 24 hours of Daytona. 


The 2021 IMSA Season is underway with Ticknell and Bommarito driving car No. 55

We are excited for the team to continue their comeback during 2021. Harry and John continue to anchor the team this year while mentoring many of the younger drivers we interviewed during the L.A. Autoshow. Fingers crossed as to whether ABd gets to spend time in the driver’s seat of a car that reminds us a lot like our MX-5 (from the front.) If you can’t wait for updates from us, make sure you follow the Weathertech IMSA season with the Mazda team on facebook here.

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