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Hot Child in the City.

Insure by Design serves a diverse audience in the urban core with health care and financial services. Redlbl’s Chris Birt recently helped them rebrand their business with a look that is fashionable and, dare we say, hip.

AIG, ALFAC, HMO, when it comes to marketing insurance many companies substitute an acronym for their name, product or service. Insure By Design, therefore, was surprised when we told them we could do wonderful things with their initials.


IBD may decide to tap into public and private partnerships to expand development within a needs-based community. Their physical stuff, therefore, needed to look better than a Medicare form and their logo had to be special.

A complex, interlocking logo comprised of their three initials is one of our better type-only logos. While it does the hard work of anchoring simple tools like their letterhead and business cards, it also serves as a simple, yet bold avatar for their social applications. Some people see a man with a mustache, which is useful during the month of “Movember,” which also conveniently falls in the middle of Open Enrollment season for health plans.


First previewed at Healthapalooza ’22, the new image and identity for IBD comprised the cornerstone of our presentation alongside work from Huntington Bank and the United Way.

Currently in launch, Redlbl has used IBD as a showcase brand for younger, hipper audiences that may be resistant to buying health insurance or financial services products. While the idea of a “wearable brand” is new to insurance, its a practice long followed by Apple, Supreme and other venerated consumer names. These t-shirts below were the first in a line of wearables for Insure By Design.

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