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Problem: Giving a brand what it needs but doesn’t know it.

With consolidation increasing in the Health Care industry, Chris Birt’s Redlbl partnership redefined the story, tone and manner of LeClair Group right down to the pixel. Typically a company would hire a CMO level talent that would, in turn, hire an agency for the work. Birt, however, did it with some in-house help. While it was not asked for, it was needed, so he jumped right in.

Pictured above: One of the better Medicare ads found on their site previously. Two old people heading towards their end, essentially. Stuff that does NOT work. At all. 

Health insurance, especially Medicare, is more than filling out interminable forms. LeClair is a go-between the largest names in insurance like Aetna, Blue Cross, and Humana and the millions of consumers that “opt-in” to Medicare each year.

Rebranding was driven by capturing the “Inner Beauty” of their business. Strong lines, bold colors and copy conveyed a new level of sophistication. Omnichannel engagement has increased substantially (without SEO!) which proves that “boring,” when well packaged, can be beautiful.


The new branding was launched with web and interactive materials. Field support, on-premise branding and a full Corporate ID were soon added. Recent work is depicted here:


Brand consistency has been reinforced through standards. Primary colors, adaptable grids and typography bring discipline to a 90 year old brand. Proof that sometimes you get what you don’t ask for. (Although we’ve only seen it happen business this once.)




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