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Getting 20% More From Something Already Good


Healthapalooza had been created and grown by LeClair’s first marketing department. Chris Birt’s Redlbl’s work for the ’22 event was purposely designed to break with the past. We used the vernacular of motorsport, drawing inspiration from John Frankenheimer’s Grand Prix, Steve McQueen’s LeMans and Claude Lelouch’s infamous Rendezvous to craft a story of speed, chaos and change.


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Pre-Show Marketing:

No one wants to attend a live event without crowds. With a large event like Healthapalooza, therefore, the pre-show marketing matters even more than the event itself.  Accelerate ’22 was a labor of passion for Redlbl, because insurance marketing needs to be more exciting than a minivan to move consumers.



Digital & Media:

6-second spots were created for omnichannel media buys across the Midwest. Extensive video was also used to enhance emails and additional pre-show marketing to help increase brand engagement sevenfold over the prior year. 




Redlbl has followed up a successful 2022 Healthapalooza with “Home Field Advantage” for 2023. Preliminary marketing celebrates the first decade of “HAP” and how it helps to level the playing field for local agents.




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