There is not an insurance agent in America that has not seen Joe Namath and/or JJ Walker pitch a Medicare Advantage Plan. For all the attention this has created for Medicare Advantage, this approach, which is run by a giant call center, has been misleading. Choosing the right Medicare Plan, we believe, is much better when a local agent helps you understand the options.

While CEO, Creative Director and Co-Founder for a venture called Redlbl, Chris Birt worked with the Minnesota Health Agency to deliver a counter punch in the form of an “influencer dog” named Boston — who already was a celebrity online in his own right — with a large Facebook following managed by the agency owners. We simply gave Boston a “new gig,” and a substantially expanded wardrobe — furs included

“Explosions, dirt, swimming pools and fur coats, typical drama in the life of a Medicare Dog. In case you were wondering, yes, a few dolls were harmed in the making of these spots…”

Yee Khang, ACD