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The Old Shoe Shine

Online shoe repair is an old business. The market for this “Uber for Shoes” was really about the craft and love for shoes, not technology or apps.

As it often happens, when ABd approached the brand, they were barely on their feet. They had invested heavily in glamorous models holding shoes to bring sexy to shoe repair, or something like that.

The trouble was people really did not identify with beautiful people holding shoes that hardly looked worn. And the technology message was lost on everyone. Our first task was to create a few ads that made it clear that this service was really a “shoober.”

“Shooli was about celebrating what lasts, down to your soles .”

Jasha Mayorga 


Getting Back to Basics

Our next step was to strip the Shooli story down to the basics. The way to build advocacy for a online shoe repair business, we reasoned, was to convince people to hold onto their shoes instead of buying a new pair.

Our thinking evolved into a campaign against throwaway culture, which was then part of the current zeitgeist. We also put a heavy emphasis on old things that still get the job done and paid homage to the massive machines in the Shooli factory. 

When the campaign launched in late Fall 2019, the MAUs on the shooli site skyrocketed by 1903%, albeit from a pretty poor baseline. More importantly, the brand managers finally had a story to tell and advocates piled on quickly to help them tell it. 

Pictured: A few shots from the original campaign materials and the machine photos. This was launched in late Fall 2019. PHOTOS: ABdigital, Shelby Rognholdt

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