High Quality “Lead”ership. For CEOs Only.

The Executive’s job is to tap the pulse of their organization. So how do you feel about business? Great? Lukewarm? Downright chilly? It’s tough to answer these questions definitively without a trusted confidant at your side. That’s where ABd can help with sophisticated lead qualification assistance.

Subhead: Gain Focus and Accountability

Creating good business involves more than a handshake. You want to know that the business leads your marketing team is pursuing are high quality and worth the time.

  • ABd provides a FREE assessment of your leads which will identify key areas your program can be improved—from minor to major.
  • Of particular interest–we can offer you a look at Boolean lead qualification–which allows you to numerically score lead quality on a scale of 1-100.

We can provide ongoing training for you to be fully engaged and involved with lead generation as a CEO and show you how your role can complement your marketing team

Gain: Ongoing Training

Our new service just for CEOs is a great way to discover how to sustain excellence. We can help you:

  • Keep your company focused on the most high value sales opportunities.
  • Encourage your marketing teams to visit prospects both online and in person to shorten the sales cycle.
  • Show your company how to deepen relationships with the 20% of prospects that can generate 80% of the business.


From 1 to 100% 

If you need help in any of these areas, we’ll be glad to talk with you and figure out what you may need. Contact Lisa Jacobson today at 1-612-220-3800 or reach him at lisa@abdbuzz.com




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AWARENESS WITHOUT ADVERTISING with Chris Birt and friends.

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