“Passionate Giving.” Incredible Success.

Veritus Group and their award-winning Passionate Giving blog have enjoyed unprecedented success in the past two years. Recently recognized as one of the world’s top fundraising blogs (Bloomerang, Feedspot), ABd has worked with them closely on all phases of their branding and marketing automation efforts.

250,000 “reads”, not views. 

Passionate Giving blog is read about 250,000 times a month and it keeps growing. This is an incredible stat for a company that invests almost exclusively in marketing automation over paid media.

As impressive as this engagement statistic sounds, Veritus is also able to leverage their high level of engagement by exploiting  “full funnel branding” — particularly bottom of the funnel challenges like forms filled and overall increase in active sales contacts.

The key metric with any marketing automation program is the amount of forms your audience fills out. Far from a dry statistic, it is critical to measuring real, actionable engagement with your blog and site. It is not enough to merely track the amount of contacts that open a fulfillment page, you need to assure they download your stuff and subscribe to your offering. Imagine what you could do with a 66% overall increase in fulfillment over one month as Veritus experienced recently. While we cannot guarantee this kind of success every month, we will do the extensive work to build the platform for this success.




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AWARENESS WITHOUT ADVERTISING with Chris Birt and friends.

AWARENESS WITHOUT ADVERTISING with Chris Birt and friends.

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