Artificial Intelligence. Dive In Here.

We’ve big advocates of Watson AI. The Watson AI Content Hub in particular has great AI in its DNA. In our opinion there are proven and vetted AI driven content hubs and then there are last century systems. Watson is the one that works the best. (Disagree? Tell us why.)

Watson Content Hub is great at interpreting dark data  like images and videos so that it “knows and understands” every piece of content in its system. It automatically and intuitively tags content so it’s easy to find again. It can even assess customers’ response to your content, and make recommendations on how to make it perform better. It delivers fully on the promise of predictive marketing automation.

We realize that this post sounds like that bullshit “native advertising” that is paid for but it’s not. We really stand behind this stuff. To get started, you can try it out for 30 days here: ABd offers a variety of “hand-holds” to put this to use, contact us today.