Are You Blocking or Tackling? 5 Ways to Tell.

Today “content” is treated like some kind of digital asset. As long as humans create it, it’s the quality of that content that matters. Any child over the age of 5 can “optimize” content but it takes seasoned pros to separate defensive content from offensively minded messaging and crush it in your market.

Step 1: Separate the Blocking from the Tackling 

Content is usually nothing more than defensive materials that build a decent moat around your brand. IT WILL NOT BRAND YOU. For that you need buzz-worthy advertising that pays off an essential truth to tackle new challenges.

At ABd we go super in-depth to create both the blocking and the tackling for you.

Step Two: Write For Robots. Then Humans. 

Data is Queen today. It you don’t know how to “leverage” it to drive a message that sounds human, however, you’ll never really rule.

Step Three: Trap More Spyders

Schmillions of pages are indexed and crawled every year. With search engines emphasizing quality over quantity, use the (often) free tools below to help you judge how sticky and spikey your stuff really is.

Step Four: Get Found. And Found Again. 

It’s funny that even in the middle of 2017, we still find companies that think all they need is “content” to be found online. And we have a running back named AP to sell you.

Step Five: Automate, Automate. Automate. 

It should be obvious to any online brand today that defense alone won’t win. That’s why we put our clients into a suite of easy, off-the-shelf online analysis tools to measure spikes across social platforms, brand lift and more. Here are just a few of the tools you can use right now to see how well your brand is blocking, tackling and CRUSHING IT. (Or not.) Stay tuned