Making TIME Magazine a Brand Advocate.

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Creating brand advocacy, artfully, is an approach to communicating that catches big media attention for the smallest of clients. Here is how a campaign of ours put the small hamlet of Excelsior, MN alongside Las Vegas in a feature story on community slogans. We excerpt that article below:

” THE LAS VEGAS CONVENTION AND VISITORS Authority launched an ad campaign this year touting Sin City with one of the nation’s more unusual come-ons–“What happens here, stays here.” Excelsior, Minn. (pop. 2,400), has started a campaign to lure twenty-and thirtysomethings away from franchise-dominated big cities, with “Secede from Starbucks Nation.” Clearly, communities are taking their slogans seriously. ”  

From the World-Champion Minnesota Lynx to the “Most Demented Product of the Year” all the way to a little town on the shores of Lake Minnetonka, ABd provides the AI, Inbound Marketing and Buzz that puts Media Advocates on your side.