Arista’s Jack Johnson For Constellation Brands.

Wine and Sprits Presentation (2)

ABdenver social advocacy at work…  Nothing like Jack Johnson to sell a Surfer Wine in England. Among our many assignments for Constellation Brands–the world’s largest wine distributor–we have been proud to introduce some of the top-selling high image|low priced wines: including this brand that was created by agency principal John Marinovich. The Twin Fin is a surfboard style that is much prized among “old school” surfers like Mr. Johnson et al.  

Hugh and Sam of Twin Fin are not what you’d expect from winemakers; these guys are better. While they both have impressive backgrounds – Hugh graduated from Australia’s top winemaking school and Sam has worked with wineries in all of the major wine regions of Australia – they also know how to have a good time. They really live in the spirit of the wine they create: people that work hard and play hard.