$2 + Million of Advocacy from 6k Email and Letter Campaign

advertisingage_logo_black-150x28Link here to one of the best articles on our HISTORIC “Secede From Starbucks Nation” campaign which generated over $2,300,000.00 in earned media from from a $6900.00 investment. That is the story behind this campaign, perhaps the biggest bang for buzz buck of all time. There was a book written about it and the media coverage was documented and covered by Canadian Public Television. Earned media, after, all, should be earned. Funny, then how agencies and PR firms try to convince you that generating reams of copy will do the same thing. Our experience proves otherwise. Starbucks keeps us in the press to this day. Think the “red cup controversy” over Christmas 2016. (And there is now a Starbucks in Excelsior.) This story was later voted the Business Journal Story of 2014 and then there was write up in TIME magazine–which positioned this destination of 6000 people alongside, of all cities, Las Vegas. 


“We don’t look for the big idea. We look for a buzzy idea,” says Chris Birt, a partner in the agency. “We want something that ties into a cultural zeitgeist, something everybody is feeling but nobody is talking about.”

After walking along Water Street, “We said, ‘Bingo!’ This place has soul, and no place else in the vicinity does,” Birt says. “They offer soul and uniqueness rather than conformity and sameness.




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AWARENESS WITHOUT ADVERTISING with Chris Birt and friends.

AWARENESS WITHOUT ADVERTISING with Chris Birt and friends.

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