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United Way digital

nealStAnthony_squareThumb“United Way digital has taken a new stance in hopes of fattening charity’s coffers and the most visible change may be the new mobile campaign. The old spots created by Digitas featured individual contributors and connected them, for example, to the “834 at-risk preschoolers” they funded or the “23 cars” that were repaired to transport working-poor moms to jobs. But Minneapolis digital agency AB Geist this fall gave United Way’s “helping hand” a manicure, with a campaign targeting a younger, Internet-savvy audience.

The message seeks to transcend the differences between the city and the suburbs, Democrats and Republicans, even blondes and brunettes. The campaign seeks to attract divided groups, whether liberal or conservative, even Vikings and Packers fans, and particularly young people, who tend to volunteer more and give a lower percentage of income than older folks, according to Chris Birt, CEO of AB Geist.

The edgy agency a few years ago got national attention for a Minneapolis Public Library capital campaign featuring Chairman Mao, a guy not known for his literary range.” Kudos, we say to United Way digital.

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United Way digital




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AWARENESS WITHOUT ADVERTISING with Chris Birt and friends.

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