Advocacy. “Italian” Style.

Oh boy, have we had fun with Lucid Brewing the last two years. Not only was our original (and very fake) advocate’s cover blown by his creator (see below) a few weeks after we created both the brand, the blog and the site from SCRATCH, but the Brewery blew past all sales records for MN Brewing–making it to 2000 barrels in its first year.

That’s saying something in the land of Hamm’s, Grain Belt, Summit and Surly. (Take that Colorado!…our Minnesota office has more beer history.) 

The good news continues for the Brewery as they get their six-packs into over 2000 locations. They are also selling growlers at the Brewery in 2015-16 Tipping a growler at a real brewery feels so, well, authentic. You know, compared to a tap room filled with freshmen fondling their peach fuzz.