World Championship Buzz. The Story Behind our Lynx Campaign.

wnda l8iJay Weiner does a story on our campaign for the Minnesota Lynx. Great links to our TV and Radio spots (they were banned so it’s questionable if they work at times).This feature does a comprehensive job setting up the challenges we faced in re-branding the Minnesota Lynx and women’s professional basketball.

The footnote to this story is the following: from 2012-2018 the Lynx won three World Championships–and walk up ticket sales increased a median 23% year over year. Think about that–those were thousands more brand advocates online, on the street, all over working for the WNBA.

P.S. Here is another article about “The Lynx Ad You Won’t See” that got pulled after two spots. Major press and fans showed up in droves. It was worth the risk and what got the ball rolling for Lynx buzz.




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AWARENESS WITHOUT ADVERTISING with Chris Birt and friends.

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