1:1 Marketing

Email that speaks 1:1 

Unlike mass marketing, e-mail marketing allows you to speak 1:1 with potential prospects and customers. ABdenver are experts at ceating opt-in e-mail advertisement campaigns that help you expand sales opportunity and deepen existing relationships. While much has been written about other forms of online promotion, e-mail advertisement and search engine optimization remain the cornerstones of a sound strategy.

Unlike some online marketing firms, we have the ability to  integrate your e-mail campaign with your traditionally branded messaging. We will therefore explore all the ways your e-mail “ground game” can leverage the “air power” provided by your advertising. The difference between an open rate of 10% and 30% with on-line emails is often directly related to the pervasiveness and recall of your pre-existing branding.

Assuring Relevancy

The next step is to “scrub” whatever databases you have of clients and prospects then merge them with new, high value names. The success of any email marketing campaign is ultimately related to the quality of the names on your lists. We assure you are not selling capes to Superman and that your messaging is properly matched to specific needs, wants and desires.

Working The Process

The final, on-going step is to monitor and measure every mailing for a desired result. Direct e-mail is always a process, not a project. When executed successfully, e-mail marketing can begin to function as a second salesforce, customer service conduit or marketing research department without the costs of HR, vacation time and benefits.

We offer: 

> Segmented e-mail campaigns

> Coupons, social media and video content

> Recurring offers and auto-responders,

> Monitoring and measurement of open rates, click thrus, social shares, conversions

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Ervin Michael offers 30 years of start-up and integrated media experience.


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AWARENESS WITHOUT ADVERTISING with Chris Birt and friends.

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