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The future of marketing is not about advertising, it's about advocacy. This site is a 25-year-old love letter to brands that buzz and buzz that brands.

For The Artificial Age.

Today advertising agencies need to find the art in the artificial. This site, therefore, is also a voyage of discovery. We're happy to have you here.

The Artful
This is a photograph of Amanda LePore who calls herself "the man made woman." We called on her to stand for a "Clean Freaks" campaign lanuched for the Sharper Image in Manhattan. Her ad made the lead in The New York Times Advertising section and the GRAPHIS Annual. Store traffic rocketed by 14%. This is a radical example of brand advocacy which cannot be replaced by robots.
The Artificial
This is a bust of the world's most ubiquotous Billionaire. His company Neurlink has already successful implanted AI chips in pigs. Once the same silicon is implanted in humans, AI will gain sensory intelligence. Until this dystopia develops, AI can be used by smart brands to shorten the distance from inspiration to reality.
Change is a certainty. For some companies this creates chaos, for others, opportunity. At ABdigital we help clients separate corporate perceptions from customer reality to uncover the essential truth behind their brand.
Your essential truth must then be communicated through a big idea that is brief, bold and clear.
A big idea has legs. It must be strong enough to anchor a campaign across multiple media channels and along every touchpoint of your brand journey.

"Advertising to the downtown demimonde showcases a new trend towards micro-targeting; ABd does it well."

Stuart Eilliot, The New York Times

"The United Way's helping hands recently received a manicure, courtesy of ABdigital. In other news, the agency's previous campaign for the MPL featured Mao Tse Tung and caused quite a stir.."

Neal Saint Anthony, The Star Tribune

"The agency's campaign for the City of Excelsior shared space with Las Vegas in the national media recently. Their one-of-a-kind work created conversations across generations and actual drama over Main Street."

Debbie Howlett, USA TODAY

“Focus. Clarity. Dimension.” was commissioned by the agency in 1998. Created by Modernist Richard Brewer, Chris Birt, and Nick Rice, it has presciently depicted our process for over two decades.